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Simply the most cost effective HVAC Energy Management controller available today. The IMT550 Thermostat controller rivals capabilities of systems costing 5 times as much and at the same time offers greater ease of use.

The IMT550 Thermostat controller is compatible with most all 24-volt controlled equipment. Dual stage, compatible with fossil fuel and heat pump (w/ aux heat) systems.  Up to 3 stage heat and 2 stage cooling with fully adjustable stage dead bands.

Built in software

Web Browser Control Interface

The Proliphix IMT550c is a "standalone" thermostat controller. Unlike any other product on the market today it can function without any outside connection whatsoever. The user-interface is driven by a self-contained web server that's embedded within the thermostat itself. It has NO external dependencies, it does NOT require installation of any application software, it works in ANY browser (including mobile browsers). It requires NO java run-time environment, No Adobe Flash, No ActiveX, and No browser "plugins".  

Its uses 'standards-based' technologies which will remain 'current' and 'relevant' for many decades. This kind of 'staying power' is essential if you don't want your 'core infrastructure' to age too quickly.  This design is also ideal for integration with other 'smart systems' such as automation, status monitoring, external overrides etc. All while offering the end user a very easy means of effectively controlling both comfort and energy use with little or no training or specialized knowledge.

Remote Sensor Inputs

IMT controllers allow for three independently configurable sensor inputs providing for connections to three separate sensors. Sensor inputs can provide for both temperature and contact closure monitoring and can be configured to operate in several different modes, including averaging and selective control points. Each sensor input may be configured to send email alerts based on exceeding configured limits or contact closure.

Air and
Fluid Temperature

Verify equipment performance

Monitor and track supply air and / or fluid temperatures to verify equipment operation.

Monitor performance of operation to determine malfunction or deviation from normal bench marks.

Many times equipment malfunctions can be detected by checking operating conditions.

More than just the thermostat location

Monitor temperatures in additional rooms to allow for temperature averaging control, remote thermostat mounting and selective control points. You are no longer required to use only the thermostat location as the temperature sensing point, averaging can improve comfort levels.

Sensors can also be independently used as alarms for sensing over / under limits. Great for monitoring coolers, freezers and more to receive alerts when a problem occurs.

Monitor for contact closure

Auxiliary sensors can also be used to sense a contact closure. For example use water sensors to detect leaks or Motion Sensors to activate occupied modes. Current Sensors  can also be used to validate motor operation. Independently configurable to send alerts when a contact is sensed as open or closed.

Sensors, monitoring and alarm devices are optional items that may be added to an IMT controller. Visit our on-line store to purchase compatible devices. Pre-configuration services are available if required.


Save energy through advanced occupancy temperature settings.

Control relays based on time schedules.

  • 4 Temperature periods per day

  • 12 Daily schedule profiles

  • 366 day programming

  • Five year scheduling

  • Vacation and special day schedules

In addition to occupied / unoccupied temperature scheduling, the IMT controller also allows for separate time of day scheduling for relays. In addition to HVAC equipment this allows control of a broad range of other equipment like lighting, exhaust fan operation and more.

Built in Relays

Control auxiliary equipment through programmable relays.

Humidity, time of day or manual control options.

24 Volt relays provide an excellent option for controlling lighting, exhaust fans, pumps, dampers and more. Typically a line voltage relay will be added to accept a 24V signal allowing control. Direct 24 volt may also be used. 

AIMNET is pleased to announce new wireless communication and control through relays using our new battery powered 900mhz radio sensors. Contact Us for additional information.



Lock out  or prohibit tampering or define high and low limits on temperature settings.

Pass code protected to allow unlock by managers.

Fan Scheduling

Run fans in auto, always on during occupied or configure for fan cycle rates for specific minutes per hour.


Email and text message reporting on alarm conditions based on customized limits and set-points.

Cycle limits

Configure cycle limits, dead bands, multi-stage offsets and more to help control energy use and increase performance. 

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