Elderly Care Monitoring Kit

Most seniors today prefer their independence and enjoy staying in their own homes. The high cost of in-home care for seniors and chronically ill can quickly drain your savings. Personally caring for a loved one is a difficult balance of being there for them without being overbearing. 

AIMNET Home Monitoring is a family of connected wireless sensors that acts as a safety net for care givers offering the ability to pro-actively monitor both property and elderly activity, reducing the financial and emotional costs of care-giving. Instant text and email notification with on-line monitoring gives you true peace of mind allowing you continually check on your loved ones without always being there or seem overbearing. 

Our wireless sensor product line is extremely easy to install. Little configuration is required. No wiring is required. Simply plug in your gateway, install the battery in your sensor and you are up and running!

Our basic kit includes:

One each of a gateway, temperature sensor, motion sensor, button alert and leak detection.
You may add up to 50 additional sensors of various types.

What does this package offer!


Verify correct temperatures. Are the heating and cooling systems functioning correctly? Check comfort levels at any time and receive an instant SMS test message if something is not right.

Motion Tracking

Surveillance cameras can seem intrusive and appear to invade on privacy. Check for activity throughout the residence with motion sensing. Are your loved ones moving around the home? Did they go to bed or did they get out of bed? Is someone in the basement or garage? Knowing activity can be reassuring. 

Leak Detection

Did a pipe break or a washing machine hose burst? Is the water heater or heating boiler leaking? Is the tub overflowing? Knowing instantly offers pro-active ability to correct problems before they become disasters!

Help Button

This mobile or permanently attached button can instantly send a test message to your cell phone that your help is required. Many older or disabled love ones may have difficulty using a cell phone or may not want to bother you with a phone call. A text message lets you know your needed! 

How does it work?

Elderly Care Home Monitoring Kit

Elderly Care Home Monitoring Kit

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If you are a relative of elderly person residing in a facility or community, that facility may already be equipped with our services and wireless gateways. They may offer AIMNET's personal alerting and monitoring simply by purchasing or renting a sensor. Please check with the facilities administration team to determine availability. AIMNET provides gateways to facilities at no cost!

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Limited quantities available! One of our most popular packages we are building more. If your order cannot be filled today, we expect to have more available within the next week or so. Thank you for your interest!

* Internet service is required at the location for connection of the wireless gateway. We offer cellular gateways for locations that do not have Internet access. 

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