Wireless Property, Inventory and Asset Monitoring

All wireless networks start with one gateway

All wireless sensor networks start with one Gateway. Simply provide power and plug the gateway into an open Ethernet network port with an internet connection. It will then automatically connect with our online servers, providing the perfect solution for locations where there is an active internet connection.

The gateway receives data from your sensors using 900 MHz radio waves. The gateway then sends that data to the on-line monitoring panel through your Internet connection. Using RF allows gateways to connect to sensors up to 1,200 feet away far surpassing WiFi capability and adds a layer of security through Encrypt-RF® (Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange + AES-128 CBC)

No Internet? No problem!

For installations that do not have Internet service we also offer cellular gateways. These gateways perform the same functions but uses the cellular network to transmit data. Perfect for unoccupied spaces, portable services, short term testing systems or locations without an Internet service. This gateway simply plugs into a standard power supply and automatically connects to the monitoring portal.

Gateways are equipped with built in battery back-up to maintain operation during a power failure. 

Internet gateways also store up to 15,000 sensor readings in the event of an Internet outage and then transfers when Internet service is restored.

No IT support services or configuration is required. Simply plug it in and you are connected.

Install your sensors anywhere within 1,200 feet.

Most sensors are battery powered using either coin cell or AA batteries that are included with your sensors. Batteries last up to 3 years depending on settings you set and are easily replaceable. Some sensors do offer plug in power options.

Simply insert the battery into your sensor and mount it where desired. The sensor will automatically connect to your gateway and begin to transfer its data to the monitoring portal. You may set the name of the sensor, its location or its description on the monitoring portal.

Each gateway can communicate with up to 100 sensors of various types. We offer more than 50 different types of standard sensors and 100's of customized solutions for almost any application.

Create your account and begin monitoring

Login to our monitoring portal, create your account and add your sensors. You are now up and running! You may also download our app for either your IOS or Android phone. View and check data from almost anywhere.

You may view current status and historical information in both graphical and data formats for your selected periods of time.

You will also set-up any alerts and the trigger points of those alerts. Decide who will get the alerts and how they will get them. With SMS text message and email options for each sensor. You may also trigger automatic control options based on the status of a sensor with our wireless relays.

There is no additional cost for the basic online service or cell phone apps. Advanced features may require a small monthly fee.

Typical installation time: Example: 1 gateway and 6 sensors can be up and running in under 30 minutes! Easy to install. No wiring, no contractors, no additional costs. Simply the easiest and most cost effective monitoring system available today.

AIMNET Configuration / Installation Options

Want to make it even easier?

AIMNET offers pre-configuration services for complete monitoring networks. We setup your monitoring panel, configure all your sensors, set-up your alerts and define your users. We test all sensors in our center and ship you a complete package ready to install. You simply plug in your gateway, mount your sensors and log in to your monitoring portal. And we are no more than a phone call away if you need any changes or wish to add any sensors.

Installation Services

Yes, we do that too! We have a well trained and professional installation staff that will not only configure your network but also perform a complete installation. We include a basic on-site training session upon completion of our installation.

AIMNET also offers complete in-depth training services at a Training Center in one of our showrooms. In-depth training with unlimited Q&A period. 

How it works

There is an additional charge for our configuration and installation services. Charges vary with quantity and types of sensors. Installation charges also vary with quantity of sensors and location of installation. If you are ordering one of our packages, pre-configuration charges can be viewed as an optional add-on to the package.

Once ordered, one of our engineers will contact you to obtain the required information for your account and sensors. You may at that time ask for a firm price quote for installation services.

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