Medical Storage Monitoring Kit

Healthcare organizations store a variety of medications, drugs, vaccines, samples and biologics onsite, and each component has varying environmental control processes for temperature, humidity and other conditions.

Protecting these mission-critical drugs and samples from equipment failure or malfunction is crucial in maintaining compliance and quality standards.

Monitoring temperature, humidity and door open / closed status within storage rooms and cabinets is essential in maintaining safe environments.

Healthcare organizations use a wide variety of cooling equipment and techniques to store high-value goods. AIMNET monitoring offers a significant opportunity to improve older monitoring techniques to increase operational efficiency, but also to maintain better quality control over perishable and temperature-sensitive products.


AIMNET Medical Storage Monitoring is a family of connected wireless sensors that provide a fully-automated, comprehensive system that relies on hardware and cloud-based data storage to provide accurate, round-the-clock temperature and humidity logging for regulatory compliance and quality control.


AIMNET's family of connected wireless sensors also acts as a safety net for medical professionals to pro-actively monitor other temperatures, motion, water leaks, door operation and much more in medical storage rooms, cabinets and office spaces reducing the on going concern of potential problems.


Instant text and email notification with on-line monitoring gives you true peace of mind allowing you continually monitor and be immediately notified when a parameter falls out of line.

Our wireless sensor product line is extremely easy to install. Little configuration is required. No wiring is required. Simply plug in your gateway, install the battery in your sensor and you are up and running!

The AIMNET Difference

Instant alerts on deviations or problems.
Email and SMS Text Message Alerts are immediately forwarded to one or more contacts when something falls out of acceptable range.


Backup Battery and Data Push
All our sensors are battery powered with batteries that last for years and are easily replaceable so power losses do not interfere with sensor readings. Our gateways have battery back-up and if a power failure or loss of Internet service occurs, all stored data is pushed to the monitoring portal once re-established.


Internet or Cellular communications available.
Simply plug our Ethernet gateway into your Internet router or network switch. No Internet, no problem we also offer cellular gateways.

Intelligent Analytics Platform
Use the Monitoring Portal to view temperature logs, run reports, and use compliance features.

Plug and Play Solution
Deploy one or more sensor networks in minutes with ease. No IT required, no electrician, no technician. Simply place the sensors where needed. 


Easy expansion with more than 50 different sensor types.

Expand your sensor network at any time by simply adding up to 100 sensors of various types to any gateway. Our sensors use encrypted 900 MHz radio frequency which allows sensors to mounted within 1,200 feet of the Gateway.

How does it work?

Whats included in the basic kit?

One each of a gateway, temperature sensor, humidity sensor and door contact.
You may add more than 90 additional sensors of various types.
Medical Storage Monitoring Kit

Medical Storage Monitoring Kit

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Is your office located within an AIMNET Smart Building or an AIMNET managed medical building?

If so, your location may already be equipped with our wireless network and you may simply purchase or rent sensors for your specific location. Please check with your building management team or AIMNET Project Manager to determine if you already have AIMNET remote monitoring systems available. 

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