Wireless Monitoring Applications 

Pre-built packages and kits for specific applications

Our pre-built kits are packaged for specific applications. Each kit contains a Gateway and a combination of sensors and accessories perfectly suited to a specific need or application.

The basic set of sensors or controls can be expanded on at any time simply by adding additional sensors.

We can also customize or modify a kits contents based on a specific need. Please contact us with any special requirements.

Yes, we can do that!


Elder Care Monitoring Package is a family of connected wireless sensors that acts as a safety net for care givers offering the ability to pro-actively monitor both property and elderly activity, reducing the financial and emotional costs of care-giving. Instant text and email notification with on-line monitoring gives you true peace of mind allowing you continually check on your loved ones without always being there or seem overbearing.


Home Monitoring Package is a family of connected wireless sensors built for residential applications giving home owners the ability to pro-actively monitor their property. Instant text and email notification with on-line monitoring gives you true peace of mind allowing you continually monitor various conditions and potential problems within your home.


Get more eyes around the warehouse. Protect your employees & your product. Damaged inventory and employee safety issues occur everywhere from small business storage areas to million-square-foot warehouses. AIMNET Wireless Sensors can help you identify issues in these facilities as part of the process to decrease or eliminate problems altogether.

Running a warehouse takes a lot of time and energy. Warehouse management is often faced with various challenges that many companies fail to confront fully. 

AIMNET enables warehouse managers to monitor and track various conditions related to their facility, equipment, and inventory. For a long time, available solutions were very limited, expensive and difficult to use. AIMNET's affordable remote monitoring system makes it easy for owners and managers to keep track of their business from anywhere online or via mobile app and receive alerts the moment there is an issue via text, voice, email, or through an on-site alert system.


Healthcare organizations use a wide variety of cooling equipment and techniques to store high-value goods. AIMNET monitoring offers a significant opportunity to improve older monitoring techniques to increase operational efficiency, but also to maintain better quality control over perishable and temperature-sensitive products.


AIMNET Medical Storage Monitoring is a family of connected wireless sensors that provide a fully-automated, comprehensive system that relies on hardware and cloud-based data storage to provide accurate, round-the-clock temperature and humidity logging for regulatory compliance and quality control.


Storage units offer individuals and businesses a great way of storing personal belongings, inventory and even automobiles and other sport craft. Most are well secured, low cost and convenient for short or long term storage needs. Most facilities provide for in-house video security monitoring of public lots and hallways. However few provide in unit monitoring or a means for individual renters to monitor the interior of their unit. Typically renters do not visit their unit frequently so issues may go unnoticed for long periods of time.

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