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For renters of public & private storage units. Peace of mind and security.

Storage units offer individuals and businesses a great way of storing personal belongings, inventory and even automobiles and other sport craft. Most are well secured, low cost and convenient for short or long term storage needs. Most facilities provide for in-house video security monitoring of public lots and hallways. However, few provide in-unit monitoring or a means for individual renters to monitor the interior of their unit. Typically renters do not visit their unit frequently so issues may go unnoticed for long periods of time.

AIMNET is proud to offer a low cost solution for personal and private in-unit monitoring with instant SMS text message alerts and cell phone access to current and historical conditions.

Now renters have the ability to use their cell phone or tablet to check on various conditions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and be instantly alerted via SMS text message and email when something is not right. We add peace of mind to the individual or business that what is stored in their unit is protected and stored within proper conditions.

No wiring required. Simply place your battery powered sensor within your storage unit. Download our free cell phone app and you have instant access to check both current and historical information from anywhere at any time.

Receive an instant text message and email alert when something is not right. Temperature / humidity too high or low, was there motion detected within your unit, is there a water leak? You decide your limits and when and who will receive alert notices.

Motion Detection

Temperature / Humidity

Leak Detection

More than 50 different types of sensors

How does it work, where do I get a sensor?

You may rent or purchase any of our sensors from:

  • Your facilities management office. Many facilities stock our sensors and they may be rented as a part of your monthly fee.

  • Our website. Simply purchase your sensor from us and we ship one to you. You simply set it in your storage unit.

  • Purchase or rent from one of our Smart-Building retail stores.

Register your sensor:

Once you have your sensor it requires registration and set up. We do this for you! During this step we setup your private login information, setup your alert destinations and define your alert set-points. This may be done by:

  • Your management office where you rented your sensor.

  • On our website

  • By calling or visiting one of our retail stores.

Final step:

  • Install the included battery in your sensor.

  • Place the sensor in your storage unit.

  • Download our cell phone app and login.

Is this available at my storage facility?

Your storage unit must be located within a facility that is equipped with AIMNET Monitoring Solutions. There are hundreds of facilities that currently offer our monitoring solutions, so please check with your management office. If your facility is not equipped with our Monitoring Solutions we would be happy to set them up. There is NO COST to any facility to include our Monitoring Solution Package.

Frequently asked questions

How are sensors powered?

All sensors available for within storage units operate on either AA or C Cell batteries. No wiring or other forms of power are required. Batteries will typically last for 2 to 3 years depending on desired settings. We supply replacement batteries for rented sensors when required.

What is the cost?

Rental fees typically start at $ 9.95 per month, per sensor depending on the sensor type. Purchase costs can be determined on this website or at one of our retail locations. Each facility owner determines the rental fee for that particular location and those fees should posted or available for your review.

Refundable security deposits are required on rented sensors. That deposit will be returned to you upon return of the sensor in undamaged working condition.

What temperature range can a sensor be installed in?

Our battery-operated temperatures can be installed in any space that maintains temperature between 40 and 110 degrees. Since battery power output diminishes in colder temperatures, temperatures below 40 degrees may cause loss of communication and shorter battery life.

We do offer sensors with extension probes such that the sensing probe itself can be installed in very cold temperatures providing the sensor pack is installed in a tempered space.

Can I make changes to my sensor account after initial registration?

Yes, if you need to change any of the configuration, alert destination or alert set-points, you may simply contact us to perform the change for you. There is a service fee of $10 for any changes made after the initial set-up of your sensor.

Can I move my sensor(s) to another location if I move from the storage unit?

Yes, your sensor(s) can function correctly in any facility equipped with AIMNET Monitoring Solutions. If you move from one unit to another in the same facility you simply move the sensor to it. If you move to another facility, we simply transfer your registration to that new facility.

You may also use any of our sensors almost anywhere, including your home or office. You would need to purchase a Gateway to allow communications at a location that is not equipped with AIMNET.

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