Warehouse property and inventory monitoring

Active warehouse monitoring will save companies money while giving managers peace of mind. AIMNET wireless sensors can help maintain proper lighting, temperature, humidity and air quality as well as protect inventory from water damage.

Additionally, sensors can notify you of work activity or potential unauthorized access. AIMNET wireless sensors are a great way to keep an eye on your business without having to preform manual checks.

Get more eyes around the warehouse—protect your employees & your product.

Worried about employee safety or unnecessary inefficiencies? What about reducing inventory loss to bolster your bottom line? This is when having eyes everywhere can come in handy. 

Damaged inventory and employee safety issues occur everywhere—from small business storage areas to million-square-foot warehouses. AIMNET Wireless Sensors can help you identify issues in these facilities as part of the process to decrease or eliminate problems altogether.

Running a warehouse takes a lot of time and energy. Warehouse management is often faced with various challenges that many companies fail to confront fully. Having to locate thousands of products and ship to your customers within a timely manner is no small task. And this task becomes difficult for any team to handle when you add to it the challenges of preventing damage to stored inventory, preventing damage to the building infrastructure, and monitoring the performance and safety of the team and the facility. In the past, these obstacles were difficult to manage, but thanks to AIMNET, you have more help. 

AIMNET enables warehouse managers to monitor and track various conditions related to their facility, equipment, and inventory. For a long time, available solutions were very limited, expensive and difficult to use. AIMNET's affordable remote monitoring system makes it easy for owners and managers to keep track of their business from anywhere online or via mobile app and receive alerts the moment there is an issue via text, voice, email, or through an on-site alert system.

Our starter kit includes:

One each of a gateway, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, motion sensor, leak detection and open closed door sensor.
You may add up to 50 additional sensors of various types.

We offer more than 50 different wireless sensors that can communicate with either our Internet or Cellular Gateways.

You may purchase our starter Monitoring Packages if you are starting your first wireless network or build your own package by selecting the desired type and quanity you wish to use.

If you are purchasing or renting any of our sensors for an existing AIMNET wireless network within a building or association, please be sure to obtain your discount code from your association management team.

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