Wireless relays allow manual or automatic control of anything powered by electricity up to 30 Amps.

Wireless Control allows a user to control two separate power relays, all through the online sensors portal. Automatically control motors or electrical devices when a condition is detected by a sensor or group of sensors. Relays can also be controlled manually through the online portal or mobile app.

Each relay offers two independently controlled outputs for control of two electrical powered devices, or any number of devices on the same circuit.

The relay is available in either 10 AMP or 30 AMP versions. It is wired directly into one leg of the main power supply.

Built in status lights provide feedback on the status of each output leg.

  • Turn power on and off via a wireless button.

  • Activate an exhaust fan and louver based on air quality or CO2 levels.

  • Activate lights based on current light levels monitored by our lighting level sensor.

  • Control fans or dehumidifiers based on humidity levels.

  • Activate a sump pump when water is detected.

  • Automate a greenhouse for climate and light conditions.

  • And much more

Review our wireless sensors to see the many options available for automatic control based on high or limit settings for that sensor or combination of sensors.

Please contact us with any application you may have and we will happy to work with you to build the perfect solution.

Programmable 24V relays also available in the IMT550 thermostat.  Perfect for automating low voltage powered devices.

Wireless Control Relay - 10 AMP or 30 AMP

Wireless Control Relay - 10 AMP or 30 AMP


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